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Hi – I’m Rachael;

Wife, mum and a Norwich newborn photographer who does things just a little bit differently.

Are you looking for beautifully natural photos that are full or love & connection?

Let me show you how you can have beautiful, timless, natural photos full of authentic moments with a stunning contempory edge.



from bump to baby


telling your family’s story in a stunningly simple way

pregnant woman dressed in white jumper looks casually out of the window - photo captured during a preganancy photoshoot in norwich


Maternity sessions with a chilled-out vibe. If you’re looking for pregnancy photos that showcase your natural beauty in a relaxed and gorgeously undertsated way, then this is for you.

norwich newborn photographer photographs a mother as she leans over her laying baby and touches nose to nose


Calm and relaxed sessions capturing unique, tender, real moments. Working at your babies pace, let’s create photo memories of your baby exactly as they are.

norwich baby photographer phtoographs little girl crawling toward camera smiling


The cliche is true – they really do grow so fast. Babies at this age can be nothing other than authentic which results in truly beautiful, individual, emotion filled photos

little boy sits in white studio playing with a white cake during cake smash in norwich

cake smash

So much more than cake! A true celebration of your baby as they turn 1. All of the fun with none of the fuss! A relaxed, pressure free session to play, explore & enjoy!

photos that are full of feeling


I believe that photography should stir the soul; that photos are about capturing the moments that there are no words for.

Your ‘over in the blink of an eye’ times, your ‘once in a life’ times and your  ‘I want to remember this forever’ times.

With my stripped back, authentic style we capture the moments that matter most in a really relaxed and laid back way – no stress, no awkward poses just stunning photos that focus on your baby and show them exactly as they are.

natural maternity photo captured by maternity photographer in norwich


I get that the thought of a maternity session can feel a little scary. Maybe even a little unnessary or self indulgent! However I absolutely beg to differ.

How mant itmes in our lives will we achieve something as miraculous as growing a baby? When you really think about what our own bodies do to grow and nuture this brand new life, it’s kind of mind blowing!

And if there is something I have learnt as a mother, it’s that you soon forget just how incredible that 9 month journey is.

It may not always be smooth, it may not always be enjoyable but I can hand on heart say it’s one of the most incredible things you will ever experience which is why I provide a complimentary mini maternity session with all my premium newborn bookings.

norwich newborn photographer


You want memories. Real memories. Of tender kisses, baby stretches and fuzzy shoulders. Laughs, smiles and genuine, emotion filled interaction.

I love how every newborn I meet is different. Some like to sleep on their back, some prefer their side....some like to stretch their arms out or wrap one arm over their heads....

These unique details of your baby are what makes your photos completely individual.

But it's not only your baby who makes these photos beautiful. It's you, too! I can promise you that these sweet, gentle moments between you and your baby will fill your heart with so much love and you'll be so thankful you have them.



There is no doubt that the newborn stage is the one that most people choose to document.

But that’s not to say it’s the only stage worthy of these incredible memories.

In some ways, the older baby phase is one that passes us by without us really realsiing. Maybe it’s going back to work. Maybe it’s the accumlation of sleepless nights; but often this phase is the forgotten one.

And my goodness, I cant tell you how much it shouldn’t be. This is where the emergence of personality starts to shine! Older babies are so honest, the smiles they give you warm your soul. Their innocence and joy at simple things, like playing with their feet make some of the best photos (not to mention the adorable chubby thigh rolls!)

baby crawls toward in cake smash norwich

cake smash

Simplicity is key.

When you celebrate your baby's first birthday, all the focus should be on them!

No themes, no decorations, no colourful outfits or hats....

Just your baby, playing, exploring and having fun.

A family photo, playing with toys & balloons, enjoying a little cake and splashing in a mini roll top bath.

It's as simple, and beautiful, as that.


about me

beau baby | norwich newborn photographer

award winning
award winning norwich newborn photographer

what makes me different


Let’s face it, your options when it comes to a norwich newborn photographer are huge. There a literally hundreds of people to choose from! Here’s what I think makes me a little bit different…..



I am a wife and a mum. I have grown, nurtured and raised 3 very strong willed, kind and loving creatures into the world.  My babies are still babies…well, almost. They are the source of my most joyous days and my greatest frustrations and I love them fiercley.

I’m an earth mother – I babywear, bedshare and breastfeed and I am one of the most, no scrap that, I am THE most emotional, empathetic person I know.

Being a mother to young children also means I truly understand and vividly remember those early days. From feeding struggles, to exhasution; every new mum that I meet leaves my studio not only with beautiful photos, but feeling heard.



I realise I use this word a lot. That’s because it’s really important to me.

 But what does it mean for you? It means that offering you value for money & giving you great service is my number one priority.  My pricing is straight forwrd and transparent so you know exactly what is included. 


Experience & Training

Being a Norwich newborn photographer is often seen as something that ‘anyone can do’…and so many people do!

But to do it well it takes a huge amount of skill and knowledge. I have trained with some of the best in the industry at baby posing, lighting and post-production. I have been trusted by hundreds of families since 2016 and am so thankful to have 100% 5* reviews on both Facebook and Google.



My style is natural, minimalist, emotive and simple. It’s really important to me that your photos represent your life which is why I just adore the lifestyle/storytelling feel that my style has; I take you and your family and create memories by capturing all the love and beauty that is already there.

My home studio in Horsford, Norwich is a little haven of pure white bliss. The perfect environment to capture your family’s photographs in a pure, natural and relaxed way.

If you are looking for beautiful, emotional photographs that you can feel when you look at them, then this is absolutely the place for you.



I love yoga. And meditation. And white. Dreamcatchers, crystals and all things zen. I’m also a mum of three young children….and yes, you’d be right to think those things don’t fit easily together! My point here is that my space here is calm, regardless of the chaos within it.

I know as a new parent is that it can feel utterly overwhelming to be worrying about if your baby needs a feed, or is fussy, or is a bit sicky…or any of the other concerns on the long list of new parents. But here those things just don’t matter here…we simply follow your baby’s lead.

happy clients

“OMG Rachael! I can not thank you enough for our beautiful photos! I’m so so pleased with them all and seriously considering I need a bigger house to fit all these gorgeous photos in my house! Thank you again I’m so pleased xx”

norwich newborn photographer photograph mother holding baby on her shoulder during photoshoot

“Rachael made me feel instantly at ease, almost like a friend. The poses were natural and I felt comfortable throughout & the entire process was stress free. I can’t recommend Rachael enough, as many of my friends who have gone one to book will confirm!”

cake smash norwich take family photo

“Rachael came to our rescue after a bad experience and I can’t talk highly enough of how amazing our photoshoot was with her. The session was calm, freindly and welcoming. Rachael captured our family in the most natural way, the photos are just beautiful and we will treasure them forever. Thank you Rachael!”

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