Photos that are full of feeling

I believe that photography should stir the soul; that photos are about capturing the moments that there are no words for.

Your ‘over in the blink of an eye’ times, your ‘once in a life’ times and your ‘I want to remember this forever’ times.

With my stripped back, authentic style we capture the moments that matter most in a really relaxed and laid back way – no stress, no awkward poses just stunning photos that focus on your baby and show them exactly as they are.


Let’s face it, your options when it comes to a Norwich newborn photographer are huge.

There a literally hundreds of people to choose from!

Here’s what I think makes me a little bit different…..


I am a wife and a mum. I have grown, nurtured and raised 3 very strong willed, kind and loving creatures into the world. My babies are still babies…well, almost. They are the source of my most joyous days and my greatest frustrations and I love them fiercley.

I’m an earth mother – I babywear, bedshare and breastfeed and I am one of the most, no scrap that, I am THE most empathetic person I know.

Being a mother to young children also means I truly understand (and vividly remember!) those early days. From feeding struggles, to exhasution; every new mum that I meet leaves my studio not only with beautiful photos, but feeling heard.


I realise I use this word a lot. That’s because it’s really important to me.

But what does it mean for you? It means that offering you value for money & giving you great service is my number one priority. My pricing is straight forward and transparent so you know exactly what is included.


Being a Norwich newborn photographer is often seen as something that ‘anyone can do’…and so many people do!

But to do it well it takes a huge amount of skill and knowledge. I have trained with some of the best in the industry at baby posing, lighting and post-production. I have been trusted by hundreds of families since 2016 and am so thankful to have 100% 5* reviews on both Facebook and Google.


My style is natural, minimalist, emotive and simple. It’s important to me that your photos represent your life, which is why I just adore the lifestyle/storytelling feel that my style has; I take you and your family and create memories by capturing all the love and beauty that is already there.

My home studio in Horsford, Norwich is a little haven of pure white bliss. The perfect environment to capture your family’s photographs in a pure, natural and relaxed way.

If you are looking for beautiful, emotional photographs that you can feel when you look at them, then this is absolutely the place for you.


I love yoga. Meditation, dreamcatchers, crystals and all things zen. I’m also a mum of three young children….and yes, you’d be right to think those things don’t fit easily together! My point here is that my space here is calm, regardless of the chaos within it.

I know as a new parent is that it can feel utterly overwhelming to be worrying about if your baby needs a feed, or is fussy, or is a bit sicky…or any of the other concerns on the long list of new parents. But here those things just don’t matter here…we simply follow your baby’s lead.



I genuinely believe that you should have the opportunity to chat with your photographer before you decide if they are the right person for you.

There are no second chances; this is an experience you'll go through once, twice, maybe a few times in your lifetime and it is so important!

Pop me a message with any questions you have and I can help you work out whats right for you.

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