Photo of my childen & I by the wonderful Pennycress Photography

Hi – I am Rachael.

This is the kind of business that, if you’re in it, it has to be part of you. And it is, it really and truly is.

For 10 years, straight out of University, I worked in a very corporate management role. Now, if you’d known me growing up there is just no way that you’d ever have believed that they quiet, shy girl would go on to be successful in a role like that. But I was. I was good at my job. But it wasn’t a good fit. I couldn’t be in the position I was in, with it’s many constraints, and uphold my morals and values.

You see, I’m ‘too’ empathetic. Or so I was told. These days I much prefer just to say that I’m a caring person. I’m the sort of person who can’t watch the news and has to switch the TV channel when the WaterAid or Red Cross adverts come on. You know? Images like those just stay with me.

I have always been this way. And when I was young that sensitivity sat alongside creativity, as is often the way. Over the years my creative side turned into a love for photography and I was told I had a natural eye for it, flare if you will. I used to photograph landscapes, wildlife and nature as my hobby.

Fast forward a good few years, after I had my first baby, and my interest turned to photographing people. I wanted to document as much as possible about my baby. I spent a good couple of years learning in every possible way I could in any free time I had. I bought a new camera, and that was it. My creative spark had been reignited.

I have spent the time since then honing my craft and building my business. It has become my obsession to capture emotion. I want to show the world that there is beauty in imperfection, that there is love in every moment and that photography should be about so much more that what a picture looks like; it should be about what it feels like.

My whole business represents who I am and I am so blessed to be trusted by so many families to capture their memories. I’m so thrilled you’re here – I hope you enjoy looking around.




what kind of photographer are you?

In honesty, my style is evolving. I have been photographing babies and families for almost 4 years and have spent thousands of pounds on training. With that I have been swept along photographing those families and newborns in a beautifully traditional way. But what I have found is that I have become hung up on perfection – I have been compromising on connection for perfection. And that’s just not me. My passion, the reason I pick up my camera, is to capture the connection and emotion in your family and so after a huge amount of soul searching I have realised I need to reconnect my business to who I am. For me photographing your family is about telling a story, capturing a moment in time, not making you look stiff and unnatural.


where will my session be held?

It really depends on which session you are interested in. Sessions will either be in nature on location, in your own home or in my cosy home studio.


when do newborn sessions take place?

I always try to capture your newborn within the first 3 weeks, however babies can be beautifully photographed at any age so if you have ‘missed’ this window please do get in touch as I’m sure we can find something to work for you.


what should i wear?

I will send you a session preparation guide before your session which helps advise on the sorts of colours and styles to wear. Its about coordinating, not matching.  It’s more important that you are comfortable and that you wear something that represents you than it is to worry about specific styling, but essentially comfortable neutral clothing that coordinates with your other family members is perfect.


will i get my digital photos after the session?

Yes. As I mentioned above I have recently begun bringing my business back in line with who I am. And first and foremost I am a mother. And as a mother I cannot choose between photographs of my children – I love them all for varying reasons. And so I do not want you to have to choose. My pricing has evolved and settled on an all-inclusive structure so you will receive all of the edited photos from your session. Every time.


can i order additional prints & products?

Absolutely! You can order prints or wall product from me at any time after you have received your photos.


how do you choose which images to include in my gallery?

I will include the best selection of images from the frames I have taken during your session. They will be picked based on the emotion and connection that has been captured, the technicals (light, focus etc), which shots represent the style that you have booked me for and most importantly which shots represent your family.


how far ahead are you booked?

Usually I am booked anywhere from 1 to 3 months ahead, however given the nature of newborn due dates I often will have schedule changes which mean I can take on last minute bookings.


do you offer mini sessions?

Yes – I do at periods throughout the year. If you’d like to know more about these please contact me.


how much does all of this cost?

You can find my transparent pricing on my session information pages. My pricing is all inclusive for your session & all your digital files.


how do i book a session with you, Rachael?

I’m so glad you asked! It’s super simple – all you need to do is fill in my contact form and  I’ll be in touch.