Hypno – what?

Hypnobirthing is a technique that encourages deep relaxation and breathing techniques for a calmer birth. Many people view it as the best thing they ever did, whereas many view it as mumbo jumbo….what I’ve never come across is someone who chose to hypnobirth who regrets it.

The thing about hypnobirthing is that it isn’t all about the birth. Now, at the point I must declare that I am not an expert on hypnobirthing. I am a mother who has hynobirthed 2 babies and I am a Newborn Photographer who has spoken to countless mummies, some of whom have hypnobirthed and some who haven’t.

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What’s it all about?

Hypnobirthing is designed to lead you toward a calm and relaxed birth. It aims to allow the mother to remain in control during her birth experience and to enjoy it (yes, I said enjoy it!). The process of learning hypnobirthing teaches you the natural physiology of birth and seeks to disperse some of the myths and horror stories that so many expectant mums are subjected to.

Although the ‘ideal’ may be to have a medically unmanaged, natural birth we ALL know that this often is not the way it goes…and thank goodness! Without the amazing interventions we have available to us in this day and age mummies and their baby’s are saved every day. In my own personal experience, neither of my births has been ‘ideal’. Both were medically managed in one way or another, and my vision of what hypnobirthing would be like was very quickly flung into the delivery room wall! In saying this I still used the techniques I had learned; the breathing techniques certainly helped me calm down at various points. But the biggest thing that hypnobirthing did for me personally was build a relationship with my unborn baby. When learning the techniques, the connection you create with your baby is amazingly strong – almost as if you are speaking to each other.


Where can i find out more?

There are a whole wealth of resources online, but nothing beats face to face training with a certified hypnobirth teacher.  Check out websites such as hypnobirthing.co.uk or hypnobirthing-uk.com for details (from the experts) on what hypnobirthing is and what it can offer you.

Locally we have some fantastic resources. The Orange Grove Clinic, Own Your Birth and Gentle Hypnobirthing Norwich are just a few of the local providers.


Parting advice

As with everything to do with your baby, research is your friend. If you choose to look in to hypnobirthing, contact a few providers and talk to them. Do you like them? Do they make you feel at ease and comfortable? Could you really let go and relax in their company? My advice here applies to all things ‘newborn’, just like you wouldn’t pick the first Newborn Photographer you cam across don’t just presume all hypnobirthing practitioners are the same.