natural baby photography in norwich

I bet you cannot believe how quickly your newborn has grown? It really is true that babies change the more throughout their first year than they ever will again.

I absolutely adore the newborn phase, but as babies grow their little personality begins to develop this is the stage where you really begin to capture completely unique images that are completely individual to you.

Baby photography is often overshadowed but I utterly love how older babies play with their feet and hands as if they’ve just discovered that they are there and how toddlers are getting to grips with walking and are so interested in everything!

Some babies love to smile and laugh whereas others have a much more thoughtful personality. Both are wonderful. The beauty of these images is that they capture your baby’s personality as they are. There is absolutely no expectation for your baby to ‘perform’ and give a never ending stream if smiles. We want them to relax and enjoy themselves as much as you.


I would always advise that if a baby is toddling or older that we take the session outside. In my experience they are much happier when they are free to run and climb; in turn this usuall means that you are less worried about keeping them still.

If your baby isn’t yet walking, the crisp, clean white of studio can make a beautiful setting. I have some beautifully crafted small wooden toys for babies to play with and a small selection of neutral outfits that compliment my studio space.

An in-home session is also a fabulous choice.These sessions tend to be a little more ‘documentary’ in style when dealing with an older baby or toddler. For babies around 3-4 months in age they give utterly gorgeous results.

price – £299

Your session deposit of £50 is due when we book your session.

After your session the balance of £249 will be invoiced.

Every session includes all of your editied images (in both colour and black & white) which are delivered via a super simple online download.

“Thank you, Rachael, for yet again an amazing photoshoot. You’ve done an amazing job capturing beautiful pictures under new distancing measures (& my baby refusing to stand still!). I’m over the moon and like her newborn shoot now in a predicament of which ones to put on the wall. I’m not feeling confident to have my picture taken but the ones I did have done have given me confidence again as they are so beautiful and gorgeous memories for me and Annie”