Baby Photographer – the best job in the world?

I’m really lucky – I do a job that I love. I mean LOVE! I’m one of those lucky ones. It is a true joy to be a Baby Photographer.

I don’t really remember a time in my life that I haven’t had a camera strapped to my hand – I remember my Dad buying my first DSLR, a good old trusty Sony. That camera saw me through years and years of self-teaching.  In the years that I have been taking pictures, I have photographed so many different things – all of them beautiful in their own way but when I first took pictures of someone’s baby and saw how those images made them feel I knew that was it. I’d found my specialism.

and so it begun…..

I spent a few years capturing images of friends (and friends of friends) babies whilst working full time, for free, just because I loved it.  It wasn’t until my own daughter was born in 2013 that I felt it was something that I could do ‘as a job’.  I knew I didn’t want to go back to corporate life – it had quashed all creativity I once possessed.  I started doing some work with a local girl so I could get a foot in the door – as much as this was a great opportunity, it just didn’t fit.  I had to return to my previous job for various reasons and the style I was shooting in didn’t excite me.

I continued to photograph for friends and family quite regularly until 2015 when my son was born.  I made my children a promise that they would have the best of me, and I knew that they would get that by me following my heart.  Cue a very big and scary jump following my maternity leave, and that’s how Beau Baby was born.

…and here it continues….

So really I am a Baby Photographer because it’s what I love to do and I wanted my children to grow up knowing that I followed my dreams, as I hope they do – however scary it is.

Why do I love it?

Let me paint the picture for you:

– Excited parents can’t wait for the arrival of their baby – they find their perfect photographer (yippe, that’s me!), and they book their Newborn Session a few months in advance (see my blog post on this here). It’s all very exciting and there’s so much to look forward to!

– Over the course of the next month or so, emails are exchanged and planning begins.  Still so exciting and they can’t wait to meet their baby.

– Fast forward a few months and baby arrives. WOW – Mummy is sore. WOW – this is hard. WOW – we are tired. I really don’t want my photo taken. We’ll never get out of the house on time. The baby’s just going to feed the whole time. I want to stay at home. The reality of new parenthood has hit and the concept of leaving the house for a photoshoot of all things is so very far down on the list of things that sounds appealing. But out they come, tired, weary and pretty close to tears through sheer exhaustion.

– Job number one – a cup of tea (or coffee) and some biscuits….and a chat.  Everyone starts to relax a little.

– We chat and we laugh. We choose colours and props. I coo over baby (it doesn’t matter how many I see…they always amaze me!), and Mummy starts to glow a little with pride. Dad is usually still a bit indifferent at this stage…time for more biscuits!

– I wrap and pose baby, handing them back to Mum for feeds. Inviting both parents to adore their newborn bundle of squish in the adorable outfits and snuggly poses. This is where Daddy starts grinning like a Cheshire Cat!

– For a few hours, we gently rock and sway and ssshhh our way though a beautiful session. By the end we know that these pictures are going to be incredible. A Mummy & Daddy who walked in a few hours earlier weary and tired, leave with a spring in their step and excitement bubbling for the images to be ready.

newborn baby pictures

– A couple of weeks later I see them again. Everyone looks more refreshed. A little more calm and collected. I sense the excitement at seeing their images.

– I switch on the Gallery Slideshow Video and leave the room to make tea (tea really is the best medicine!), and come back in to tears of joy rolling down Mummy’s face.  Daddy does the ‘throat clear & readjust’ – you know the one when they are trying to keep it together.  And that moment – that one right there – is why I love being a baby photographer.

As parents we know that bringing new life into this world is by far one of the most challenging things we will ever do. And those first few weeks can be a real rollercoaster. I am in such an amazingly privileged position to be able to not only share a few precious moments with this family and their new baby, but to be able to offer them these lifetime memories. There is nothing like it in the world.

So there you have it, just a little insight into why I’m a Baby Photographer, and why I think I’m the luckiest person to be doing it.


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