beginners photography workshops for parents


are you interested in learning how to take better photos at home?

I will soon be launching short workshops for parents so that they can learn how to take better photos of their own children, at home.  The workshop is aimed at those who have a camera with the ability to change it’s ‘mode’ (usually this is changed with a dial on the top and will show letters such as A/AV, M etc), but who still use AUTO mode. The workshops are aimed at complete beginners who don’t have any photography experience, those who are baffled by the terms ISO & aperture etc.

Does this sound like you? Would you like to take better photographs of your children at home?

During a 3 hour workshop we will cover topics such as how to change the mode of your camera, how to operate it in aperture priority mode, how to change and set your focus point, how to create depth of field and how to position yourself to take the most flattering image. We will also talk about light, how it behaves and how the brain ‘prefers’ to see how photographs are lit…we will then practice this new found knowledge seeing how small tweaks can make huge differences to your photos.

This may sound like a huge amount of information to learn in a few short hours….and it is….but the level at which we will cover these topics is aimed at beginners. The purpose of the workshop is so that you have more confidence with your own camera at home and that you achieve better results with the photos you take. Obviously because we are looking to improve your home photography skills we will use purely natural light.

The workshops will be limited to 5 people, will take place at my home studio in Horsford and will cost £75 per person.

Simply complete the form below detailing your current skill level, the type of camera you own, what, how and why you’d like to improve and the age of your children.