It’s that time of year where we are all thinking about gift giving, and what better than looking for best photo gifts!

I think most of us are keen to buy gifts that will be absolutely LOVED!

I have hand picked my top 5 photo related gifts:

1. 52 Aperture Frame

I absolutely LOVE this frame from Inkifi! So much scope for how to fill this, and what a cracking way to celebrate a babies first year, for example!


2. Photo shoot gift vouchers

I love receiving gifts that I might not be able to justify buying myself. Things like a voucher for a beauty treatment or a car valet (yes, really….3 kids equals a messy car!). Photo shoots are up there – we might love the idea of them but with all the things we need to pay for in life they can easily become one of those luxury items we never quite justify. That’s why asking family to club together to gift one of these life long memory sessions is a great idea!


3. Photo locket

These have a special place in my heart. I have a gold heart locket with a photo of my grandfather (whom I never met) in it. He died when my Mum was only in her 20’s. My children look at this photo, they know the face of their great grandfather…it really is beautiful. I think one of the things that is so sad about the new digital world is that we don’t print our photos any more. This is great way of carrying those you love really close to your heart.


4. Polaroid Cameras

I so want one of these! As per my point above, it makes me so sad that we don’t print our photos any more. These beauties take the hassle right out of it! I love the candid captures and the ever so slightly gritty finish….perfect for snap shots of sunny summer beach days and cosy family Christmas’s!


5. Traditional frame

There is something so simplistically beautiful about a framed print. Your choice of photo within a beautifully crafted frame. Simple. Beautiful.