Family Games to Play on Zoom

Zoom has become a big thing in many households whether it’s class reading time led by class teachers or family games to play on zoom, many many households are discovering this app for the first time.

When looking at the positives of this current situation one of the biggest positive outcomes I think is that probably, as parents, we are spending MORE time interacting with friends, albeit online. And I for one am very grateful for that – as a group we would never have really thought to set up a virtual quiz night each week.

But why should the younger members of our families miss out on the fun?

It’s a bit like a family photoshoot – its great to include everyone!

Here I have compiled for you a list of family games to play on zoom

So here we go:

Family Games to Play on Zoom – Zoomed In

Super simple! Chose a picture of an animal and load it to your screen. Zoom right in to the corner of the image. Screen share through Zoom. Zoom out of your picture every few seconds giving people the chance to guess what the picture is of.


Family Games to Play on Zoom – Scavenger Hunt/Supermarket Sweep

You can do this in one of two ways and it’s actually really fun!

Choose objects that are usually found in the house – loo roll, spoon, cup etc – and either call out one by one (scavenger hunt) or create a list (supermarket sweep). The first one back with the item wins the point. You could come up with as many items to find as you wish!


Family Games to Play on Zoom – Animal Charades

Just like standard charades….but online. For children use something like animals. Pick your animal and act like them without making a noise. The first person to guess the animal wins the point.


Family Games to Play on Zoom – What’s That Sound?

Using some regular objects from around your home, use them to make silly sounds out of the camera view. Your zoom-mates need to guess what object you’re using to make the sound.


Family Games to Play on Zoom – Singing Whisper Challenge

Mute the person who’s turn it is to ‘perform’. They will then sing along to and dance to a song (muted) so you can not hear them. You have to guess the song. For children think ‘head, shoulders, knees and toes’ or similar…


Family Games to Play on Zoom – Draw It

Each person takes a turn to draw and animal. All other zoom-mates try to guess what the animal is as they draw. The first person to guess wins to point!


Family Games to Play on Zoom – I Spy

Standard I-spy but pick something in the backgrounds you can see of your other zoom-mates. The persona who guess what you’ve spied receives the point.

Family Games to Play on Zoom – Alphabet Challenge

All you do is pick a topic (like disney characters if you’re playing with children),the first person might say Aladdin, next might say Bambi etc