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Thanks for visiting Beau Baby in your search for a maternity photoshoot, norwich. I get that this is a big deal – you want to choose someone who does this a lot!

Well, I can assure you that you are in safe hands! I’ve been photographing mummies-to-be and newborns for over 7 years and have captured hundreds of beautiful photos of pregnant women.

As a mum of 3, I understand that it can be daunting to show off your pregnant body, but I promise you that I will help you feel relaxed and calm and that we’ll get some incredible images that you’ll love.

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Our bodies are amazing

When you think about it, and I mean really think about it, conceiving, growing and nourishing a baby is a series of miracles all happening in a perfect divine order. All these microscopic phenonmenons occuring as we go about our day to day life.

It’s truely mind blowing. Awe-inspiring.

To be able to be on this journey, you and your baby, is one of the most precious experiences we are gifted as women.

Carrying and having a baby is up there with getting married – Photograph it. Capture memories you can hold in your hands as well as your heart.

When should I book my maternity photoshoot?

I love that you’re searching for a maternity photoshoot, norwich!

With all of the things there are to plan and think about when your preparing for the birth of your baby, it’s brilliant that capturing this beautiful time is on your priority list.

As a maternity photographer who has captured countless beautiful photos, I don’t know a single Mumma (even those who had tough pregnancies) who don’t miss their baby bump once their baby is in their arms.

Looking back on your maternity photos reminds you of that feeling that only you know. The feeling of your baby inside you; where they wriggle, flip, or have hiccups.

​As mothers, we give so much of ourselves to our families; this is a beautiful way to give a little something back to ourselves.

Pregnancy photos are best captured between 30-35 weeks pregnant so we can really showcase your beautiful bump at its fullest.


Session choices, pricing & how to book

From a complimentary mini 30 minute session to a full 1 hour experience. Choose what suits you best below:

newborn photoshoot norwich

Mini Maternity Session

Most mums choose this option. It’s long enough to capture the most important memories but quick enough that your can fit it in to a busy schedule and not get too uncomfortable.

And to top it off, its completely free when you book a premium newborn session!

Full Maternity Session

This session gives you time. Time to include an older child or your partner. Time to take things slower. Or simply time to go through more outfit changes.

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close up of newborns closed fist taken during newborn photoshoot norwich
maternity photo shoot norwich


Here are my most popular questions. If there is anything you’d like to know that isn’t listed please use my contact form below and I’ll get back to you.

I'm not sure about this - I feel like a whale!

I believe the mental adjustments that women go through whilst carrying a baby are hugely undervalued.

Coming to terms with how our bodies evolve during the journey of pregnancy can be really hard. It is easy, especially when you mix in those ever raging hormones, to believe that our bodies are anyhting but incredible.

One of the reasons I love maternity sessions so very much is that I get to show you how amazing you are! And I really mean that.

And I dont’ think I’ve ever had a mum not love her maternity photos – whether it’s that she has a self esteem boost and realises how beautiful she is or whether amongst the chaos of life, having this short window of peace to be present with her unborn baby holds a really special place in her heart.

I would urge you to come along – I promise you you’re in safe hands!

Can my older child/children be involved?

Absolutely yes! My whole approach is centred around capturing authenitc and unique family moments, and your older child/children should totally be part of that.

I have 3 children of my own so please do not worry. Be reassured that you are in safe, and understanding hands.

I have stretch marks / excess hair growth / varicous veins etc

Almsot every mum will have pregnancy related blemishes of some kind.

All your photos are taken through post production. This is where I make any adjustments that I need to make.

It’s really important to me that you still look like you! I don’t want to give you photos that are super heavily airbrushed – it’s just not what I’m about.

Usually I will remove anything that isn’t permemant. Think bruises, bumps, spots etc. Other bits are at your discretion although I am always mindful to encourage you to maintain some authenticity to your photos.

When will my photos be ready after my session?

On average it takes around 2 weeks for me to send your gallery across. If for any reason you need your photos urgently then please let me know.

What do we wear?

After you’ve booked your session I’ll send you a preperation guide. This tells you absolutely everything you need to know about your session from where to come and what to bring, to what to wear and how to prepare.

I have had a horrific pregnancy - I don't know that it's right for me

Do you know some of the most emotional reactions to maternity photos come from mums who have a really tough time.

Whether it’s the slowing down, the connection or the focussed positive time celebrating your bump often mums who have really found pregnancy hard are quite emotional in their sessions.

Having this space to create some positive emotions and memories around your pregnancy can be really healing for the trauma you’ve been through. I’d suggest the mini maternity session to make sure you are comfortable.

natural maternity photo captured by maternity photographer in norwich

Wow, wow, WOW! Rachael has taken the most breathtaking, natural and beautiful photos of us firstly with our bump and then a few weeks later with our tiny little newborn.

She has a magical way of capturing an image which doesn’t look posed, but so professional and special.

The shoot was relaxed and we were made to feel very comfortable whilst having fun.

I would HIGHLY recommend Rachael photograph any stage of a family journey – I will definitely be using her again!



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