Mini Session or Premium Session?

It occured to me lately that in the world of photography we throw around lits of different terms relating to our sessions which might be fairly confusing! In January i ran a set of ‘mini sessions’ for babies aged 4-10 months and I was asked a few times ‘what’s a mini session’.  Read on to find out the difference between my session types, from premiuim to mini.

What is a Mini Session?

Many photographers, myself included, run mini sessions every now and then. Often they are seasonal, or themed, but they are pretty much always a pre-determined set which doesn’t change between clients. Clients come in back to back, often every 20/30 minutes and the session is about capturing as much as we can in the pre-determined time frame….mini sessions will never run over because of the delay it causes to the subsequent bookings. They availability on these sessions is usually very limited and the price is low compared to standard sessions. It’s a great option for those who are budget conscious!

So what does your Premium option include that a mini session doesn’t?

Lets look at older babies as mini sessions for newborns or a cake smashes are not possible (newborns due to feeding/settling requirmenets and cake smashes due to mess!!). My older Baby Portraiture Sessions are 90 minutes long and are styled around your preferences, props can be bought in especially, siblings get invoplved and always a family portrait too! Just to confuse things I do offer a mini premium session, which is slightly shorter as silings and family portraits aren’t included but all of the personalisation, additional styling, luxury touches are the same.  For both of these premium sessions you do pay a higher rate – you are paying for personlaised styling, for advanced editing, for additional prop purchases, for time, for all of the little extras…..but this way you get images styled in a way that suit you, your family and your home.

When do you run mini sessions?

January was the first month that I ran non-themed mini sessions and they were incredibly popular! I may start doing them more regularly….

If you are interested in any of the session types simply drop me an email to or complete my contact form at