New logo for newborn photographer in Norwich

New logo for a Newborn Photographer in Norwich


You might think this is a bit of an odd topic to write a blog about, but I wanted to explain why this little Newborn Photograher in Norwich has changed her logo so drastically!

logo for newborn photographer in norwich


So, why the change?

If you’ve followed me for some time, you will have seen how the way in which I photograph newborns and babies has evolved over time.

I’ve gone from very posed, very ‘perfect’ traditional styling to much more relaxed, lifestyle and natural approach.

Although this change was happening quite organically, the development of Covid-19 and the resulting social distancing measures and implications for close contact services meant that I took the opportunity to really throw myself in to this way of working.

Image of mum holding newborn baby during newborn photoshoot in norwich

The new logo…

Jumping with both feet in to the white, natural, relaxed style made me realise very quickly that the way I’d been working with newborn before was, although beautiful, not particularly authentic. And by that I mean that 90% of the poses I was using weren’t a positon a baby (or family) would naturally put themselves in to.

I’ve been dreaming of a new logo, one that is more representative of this style, for a while now. But I needed to hang fire and just see where this journey continued to take me.

The new logo is clean and simple. It’s bold, but subtly so. Let me talk you through each of the elements to explain how the new logo came to be.

the feather

The hand drawn feather represents so may things – the softness of the way I work and the delicacy of the precious new babies that I work with. But more so than this feathers are a commonly accepted symbol of lost loved ones, spiritual connection, bravery and of freedom….all things that are personally significant for me, particularly in the past year.

the typography

I chose the fonts based on simplicity and flow. My main font needed to be clear, calm and simple. My secondary font, given the text, I wanted to be beautofully soft and to flow.

the pure

One of dictionary definitions of ‘pure’ is ‘without any extraneous and unnecessary elelment’. The way in which my sessions are styled is just this. I don’t use bold colours, fussy hairbands or intricate props. I use white almost exclusively and have very little that might distract your attention from your baby in a photo.

the natural

The word natural is a bit of a buzz word at the moment. And I must admit I am fully on that team. As a family we have a ‘natural’ approach to many things – food, health, weaning…. So the ‘natural’ element is deep rooted in me. From a creative perspective, natural might be defined as having minimum processing. Again this is very fitting with my style – my editing is to enhance, not alter.

the authentic

I’ve touched briefly on this above. Authencity from a creative perspective would be that my photography is ‘based on facts’. Your photos are simply a romanticised version of reality, not a fictionally created piece of art. Equally, the development of this style, and everything it represents, is what I’d consider to be ‘authentically me’. It represents a lot of me, who I am, how I live and what I believe in.

image of father holding newborn baby during newborn photo session

So there we have it, a quick run through as to how the new logo came to be and indeed, why it has changed.

Of course, as always you can see more of my work on my website here


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