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For anyone looking for a photographer, then Rachael is definitely for you.

Having a newborn shoot within those first couple of weeks of baby arriving can be daunting, but Rachael has a knack for making you feel completely at ease.

As a mum herself she knows how you are feeling and has such a way of creating a calm and inviting environment for every member of the family.

She is the baby whisperer without even trying!

There is no pressure during the shoot to force a picture, and her talent means she still captures all those precious moments.

What I love most is that she focuses on the tiny details and the little moments you want to treasure.

Rachael is so kind, caring and empowering and the photos are incredible.



I’m guessing if you’re on this page you must be looking for newborn photography in Norwich? If that’s the case I’d like to say a huge and heartfelt congratulations!

When it comes to searching for a newborn photographer, Norwich a city that is blessed with choice! It’s a big decision – you’re investing not only your time and money, but ultimately you can’t get this time back.

You’re entrusting these memories to someone, and that someone has to be right for you.

I’m Rachael; a wife, a mum and a natural newborn photographer.

With my relaxed style of newborn photography, I work with your baby just the way they are – I want to capture every authentic detail that will make your photos as unique to you as your baby is.

The moment your baby is born they show their personality.

This is why I photograph babies naturally; so that your newborn photos are as unique as your baby.

Photographing your baby in a relaxed, authenitc way means we get to capture all their unique details and preferences; like how some babies cross their toes, or scrunch their noses when they stretch. Or, how some babies have wrinkly knees or that they lift their big toe when they stretch their legs.

I give you memories. Real memories.

Beautiful, natural, love filled photos that showcase the unique story of your family.

When is best to book my newborn photoshoot?

It is best to book your newborn photoshoot in advance, when you reach about 30 weeks pregnant.

You have the security of knowing your session is booked and, if you have chosen my premium session, we have plenty of time to schedule your comlimentary mini maternity session should you want to.

Once your baby has been born we try to schedule your sessions for when your baby is around 7-21 days old. It’s during these first few weeks that babies are usually most sleepy and still ‘curly’ from being all tucked up in the womb.

Newborn babies simply want to feel warm, secure, full and near their parents.

That’s it.

And that’s what shapes a newborn photography session with me. 

Photographing using only white, with no props and distractions, means that your baby is the focus of every photo.

You won’t see traditional posing here; you’ll see the size of your baby in your hands, you’ll see the connection between you and them; you’ll see love.

And, most importantly, when you look back at your photos weeks, months and years later you will remember what those moments felt like.


Couldn’t recommend Rachael enough. I honestly felt so at ease, there was no rushing and absolutely no pressure. The images were captured in such a relaxed way, they look so natural. I’m so so happy with our images and I am ever grateful to have these memories of my children to treasure forever. Thank you again!


Our photos were everything we ever wanted and more! I cried happy tears!

  Session choices, pricing & how to book

You can choose from either of my newborn sessions below. There is a £75 deposit to secure your session.

newborn photoshoot norwich

Newborn Session

Every session includes all of your edited images (in both colour and black & white) delivered via a super simple online download.

As a little thank you for booking ahead, you’ll recieve a complimentary mini maternity session (worth £125) as part of your newborn package. Take a look at my maternity session page to see this beautiful style.

Mini Newborn Session

Do you love the sound of everything you’ve read, but maybe your baby is a little bit older? Or maybe you’re happy with a smaller selection of photos? Then this new session might be perfect for you!

The same beautiful style, the same approach, just less time in the studio. With each session lasting an hour, we will have enough time to capture those really special moments.

close up of newborn hand held by mother hands during newborn photoshoot norwich
newborn photoshoot norwich captures photo of family cuddling
close up of newborns closed fist taken during newborn photoshoot norwich


Here are my most popular questions. If there is anything you’d like to know that isn’t listed please use my contact form below and I’ll get back to you.

What if my baby has already been born?

Firstly – huge congratulations!

I always keep some sessions clear every month to ensure I can offer some last minute sessions. There are many reasons families choose not to book their session until after their baby has been born, and I absolutely repsect that.

So, do not panic – simply book your session here or get in touch

Can my older child/children be involved?

Absolutely yes! My whole approach is centred around capturing authenitc and unique family moments, and your older child/children should totally be part of that.

I have 3 children of my own so please do not worry. Be reassured that you are in safe, and understanding hands.

What if my baby has baby acne?

All your photos are taken through post production. This is where I make any adjustments that I need to make.

It’s really important to me that your baby still looks like them and that you still look like you! I don’t want to give you photos that are super heavily airbrushed – it’s just not what I’m about.

Usually I will remove anything that isn’t permemant. Think baby acne, bruises, bumps, spots etc. Almost all newbonr babies have flaky skin to a degree and I like to leave a bit of this as it shows their newness.

What happens if we need to reschedule?

Life happens, children get ill; I get it. I;’m a mum!

I am absolutely not about to add additional stress in to the lives of new parents so if you need to reschedule then I just ask that you let me know as soon as possible.

When will my photos be ready after my session?

On average it takes around 2 weeks for me to send your gallery across. If for any reason you need your photos urgently then please let me know.

What do we wear?

After you’ve booked your session I’ll send you a preperation guide. This tells you absolutely everything you need to know about your session from where to come and what to bring, to what to wear and how to prepare.

What if my baby is born early or late?

When you book you newborn session, I schedule you in my diary for your due date. Once your baby has been born we will secure an exact date and time that suits you. Don’t panic – leave the date juggling to me!

Book your newborn session here


2 hour session – £450

Reserve your due date & book your free maternity session


1 hour session – £275

Reserve your due date & guarantee your space in my diary


2 hour session – £450

Has your baby already been born? Book my next available slot


1 hour session – £275

If you’re baby has been born, reserve my next available session

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