Firstly, let me say a huge and heartfelt congratulations to you!

I know you are likely to have lots of questions; this is after all a very important decision.

Choosing the right Newborn Photographer is key to making sure that you get the perfect newborn photos for you. So here is some information about how I work, my style and some other information that I hope will help to answer some of those questions for you.

Newborn photos are best captured before baby is 3 weeks old; this is when they are at their most sleepy and curly and it is the perfect time to capture just how tiny they are.

relaxed & calm

A session with me is a completely stress-free experience…yes, even when baby is cluster feeding, peeing & pooping! As an experienced newborn photographer, and mum of 3, I can promise you that there is nothing that I have not seen before. For me, the experience that you have whilst we capture your images is as important as the images themselves.

My sessions are entirely baby led – I want to capture these moments for you in a way that when you look back on these photos you remember how you felt whilst we took them. You remember how your baby’s hair tickles your nose as you breathe in their scent, you remember the softness of their skin as you stroke their face and you remember that feeling of just overwhelming & all-consuming love you have for them.

For me it’s about capturing the emotion of this wonderful time for you.

I contacted Rachael when my baby was several days old. Rachael promptly replied & could fit us in! We set a date.

When we arrived at her home we were warmly welcomed into her small & cosy studio. We immediately felt at ease – exactly what we needed!

When our little girl didn’t fall asleep, Rachael wasn’t fazed. She snapped away and we have some gorgeous open eye photographs of our little one which we will cherish forever!

how much will it cost?

I have two options for Newborn Sessions and because I never want you to have to choose between images of your baby, both of my packages include all of your beautifully edited photos.

For both sessions there is a £50 deposit which is deducted from your final invoice. The sessions are priced as follows: