You may ask why it is important to choose your Baby Photographer carefully?

How did you or would you choose a photographer for your wedding? Would you choose purely on price? Would you decide based on who was closest? I doubt it – I’m guessing that for one of the most important days of your life you would choose your photographer based on who you felt would do the job right, capture the best images and represent your style and the style of your day the best.

It’s the same with choosing your Newborn Photographer – you don’t get a second chance at capturing those very early days.  If you are investing any money at all in photography, I’m guessing you want the best you can afford? I for sure wouldn’t want to recieve a selection of images that were dull, badly posed or even dangerous. So it’s best to do your research.

Theres is a fantastic platform you can use to check the status of any photographers you are looking at.  The BANPAS website (Baby And Newborn Photography Association) has a directory of photographers who are registered with them. They are an association who promote safe and professional working practises in a very populated and otherwise unregulated field of work. This Association is home to many of the best specialist Newborn & Baby Photographers in the Country and you will find Beau Baby Photography listed here.

So what to consider when choosing which Photographer to book?

1. Safety – first and foremost THE most important element! Whose work looks safe? Check reviews and memberships of Associations such as BANPAS and The Guild of Professional Photographers. Ask what training they have had – this is vital!

2. Style – when you look at other peoples photographs you will undoubtedly sometimes be drawn to a particualr style over another. For example, you might enjoy a very prop heavy composite image (baby in a swing, for example), or you might find that a simple, elegant image such as the one below is more your style?

Baby Photographer Norwich - head in arms

3. Price – obviously there is no point in booking a photographer that you simply can’t afford. But I would urge you to book the best you CAN afford. Most photographers will offer you either an option to split payments, or will offer a basic package that you can add to with bolt on products. Most also keep their images on file for a period of time giving you the option of purchasing additional items at a later date.

4. Availaibity – if you’ve left it a bit late to book you may find that you cannot fit in with your photographer of choice. Choose the best from the points above that is available to you.

So here at Beau Baby Photography, I have had an intensive training course with one of the leading UK Newborn Photographers, Cass Davies and with one of the most highly regarded lighting experts, Gary Hill.

My style is simple, timeless and elegant, with the added pop of contemporary props and posing.

You will find my session prices and package investment options listed on my website.

My availability is very limited – I’m already booking well in to the New Year so it’s best to book in as soon as you can. Don’t worry – you are only required to pay the session fee as a deposit. No other payment is required until you place your order!

I hope this short piece has highlighted why it is important to choose your Baby Photographer carefully and will help you when choosing your own Newborn Photographer.


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