A quick intro to my pregnancy blog – the first 12 weeks

I’ve been asked to share with you the incredible journey that is preganancy! I hope you enjoy following my pregnancy blog, here goes……

The scan

I’d been quite nervous about today’s scan, pretty much since the day the letter came through the post. With my son we had a few early scans but we’ve decided to try and be more relaxed about everything this time. Not to overthink every little thing (easier said than done!!). I’d had some light bleeding at about 7 weeks which initially really freaked me out. I wanted to phone the midwife straight away but I reassured myself it can be normal and after it stopped within a couple of days I decided to see it as a good thing, in line with implantation bleeding. My nausea has been so much better than with my son! I felt constantly sick from 5 weeks and could barely eat anything, great fun over the Christmas period!!  Although not feeling as sick has made me sit here some days thinking ‘Am I actually Pregnant!?’. The tiredness however has been awful and extremely draining! I’m putting it down to having a very energetic toddler to run around after all day,  who has also decided to stop sleeping 🙁

baby scan picture - 12 weeks for pregnancy blog

Our Little Baby All Snuggled Up In Mummy’s Tummy! 12 weeks


All the worries aside, going into the scan today and seeing our little baby curled up having a snooze on the screen in front of us was an amazing feeling and took all the panic away….momentarily!!!

Argh! I’m Pregnant!

We’d initially wanted to wait until after the Summer to start trying for our next baby. I’ve got a few of my closest friends weddings and hen dos this year and wanted to celebrate the occasions as girls do. As we both started feeling broody earlier this year we decided there was no time like the present and it would make a good age gap between our 2 children. Also who am I kidding! I’m now drunk after one glass of wine and can’t stay up past midnight so I’d probably be a lot more fun sober and pregnant!. I’m not going to lie, I’m slightly terrified at the thought of going through the newborn stage again. Neither of us dealt with it well last time but I’m telling myself it has to be easier with the second one! I’ll also have to keep some of my sanity in tact for my son who I’m already feeling very guilty about.
Hopefully you will enjoy reading my blog for the next 6 months,until my next little ball of delight arrives 🙂
big brother pregnancy announcement for pregnancy blog

“Errr….Dad…..are you serious?? Tell me you’re not serious!!” He’s pleased really!


See you for my next installment – the ups, downs, insomnia, cravings, loo trips, toddler tanstrums……ok, you get the picture! Follow along for this crazy ride of becoming a Mummy of 2!!
The Truthful Mummy x