simple cake smash


You might be wondering what could be more simple than a baby with a cake? And that’s a very good question!

The general concept of cake smash is fairly simple; you take a baby (usually around their first birthday), and sit them in front of a huge cake with a wooden spoon and capture the resulting smash.

However, usually, they aren’t quite that ‘simple’. Cue ample decorations, colour schemes, elaborate sets and party outfits…the simple concept has become something rather….busy.

Not here.



After the unbelievable popularity of my stripped back newborn sessions, I’ve restyled every session I run and have finally relaunched the long awaited simple cake smash.

My beautiful white set, a gorgeous small ‘naked’ cake perfect for little hands, a few wooden toys and a roll top bath….oh, and my signature style of capturing all these delicious little detail shots!

I am so excited for these – I think they ar egoing to be extremely popular!

To see more about these sessions you can pop over to my cake smash session information page or for details on pricing head over to my pricing page