Read on to find my top tips for new mums. I should point out that I am no parenting expert, I have no qualifications in this field and I am a simple mummy to 2 children. However during that time I have learned a lot and here I share some of that with you….

1. Find a mentor
Choose a friend or someone who trust as your back up. Someone who will support you, not judge you. Someone who will help you during the tough times and celebrate with you during the joyous times

2. Support
I will undoubtedly do a whole blog post on breastfeeding given that it is by far one of my most favourite topics to talk about, but in brief if you hope to breastfeed then get yourself some support. Find your local meetings (locally the West Pottergate Clinic 10-12 on a Thursday is utterly fantastics – and totally free of charge!). Breastfeeding is the most natural thing on the planet, but that by no means means that it is easy, in fact sometimes it can be unbelievably hard. Surround yourself with support.
3. Take it all in
Being pregnant is hard. Labour is hard. Birth is hard. But they are magical. Try and savour the moments and ‘check in’ and realise just what you are doing…bringing life into this world is a phenominal gift. Cherish that process.
4. Babies don’t conform
Controversial point here. Babies are babies. Not dogs. You can’t train them and they are totally incapable (as in the brain is not developed enough) to manipulate you until your child is well in to toddlerhood. Responding to crying isn’t being ‘wrapped around their little finger’. Thats your baby’s language – learn it.
5. Western society is the only place on earth that deems children to have ‘sleep problems’
A good example is Japan. They lead similarly hectic lives yet co-sleep until well into childhood as the norm. Children wake frequently through the night and it is considered normal. Do you know why? Because it is…it’s only modern day western society that deems it to be problematic and needing to be ‘trained out’. Embrace it and enjoy the ride, its really all you can do.
6. Your babies stomach is tiny

Newborn baby stomach size in photo

Guess what?This means they will feed little and often. Very very often. Feeding on demand is the best and most beneficial for baby.
7. Breastfeeding is magic
Breastfeeding benefits

8. Surround yourself with people who love you and don’t compete
I can’t really add anything to this other than to say just how important it is.

9. Prepare yourself for the first post-baby-poo
If you’ve been lucky enough to experience a vaginal birth, I cannot tell you the fear that will sweep thorugh you at this time. I’ll reassure you…no, your insides will not fall out. The best thing to do is hold tissue on your perinium to support it….and cross your fingers & hope for the best!  As for weeing…just do it in the bath (full, of course). Its stings like a dragon.

10. Kiss your baby. Wear your baby. Hold your baby. Enjoy your baby.
They are babies for such a short time. It might feel like the longest time ever but trust me…its not. Soon tehy grow and soon you will wish for all those snuggles again. Embrace it.

Next week might be Breastfeeding Blog week so if it offends you in anyway, this is your pre-warning 🙂

Peace & Love