Trying to work out if I’m the right photographer for you?

Why I might not be the right photographer for you

Now, you might think this is a bit counter-intuitive. Isn’t the point to try and sell yourself to everyone and get as many clients as possible?


You will likely have noticed in your search for a photographer that there are a lot of us and the wonderful thing is that you have complete freedom of choice as to who is right for you, whether that’s based on style, budget, availability, recommendations etc.

So here are a few reasons why I might be the right choice for you.

1. you like bright or bold colours

Now I’m guessing that if you’ve searched for a newborn photographer in Norwich, you will have looked through a few websites by now. You will also likely have noticed a fairly stark difference between me and most of the others you will have looked at so far….I don’t use colours. I shoot almost solely using white and strongly encourage all of the families who visit me to wear white too. It’s a really big part of the overall styling of my sessions.


2. you love the idea of newborn outfits for your session

You know the ones, little rompers with delicate frill and beautiful details. They are so cute! But they are so not my style and so I don’t use them, at all. Instead, I use simple white vests, super soft white blankets….and of course the beauty of baby skin.


3. you are keen on more mainstream, traditional posing

Head on hands, froggy, baby in a bucket, potato sack, taco….yep, all of these are baby poses (not food!). I spent years learning, practising and perfecting these poses but there was always just a little of me that it didn’t sit well with. They are really quite, well, unnatural. When done properly they are utterly beautiful…but not at all how a baby would naturally be. And after some soul searching I came to realise that my business had to reflect me in every single way, even down to baby posing. So now I concentrate on more natural posing, tiny tweaks to natural holds and general focus on a more authentic way of capturing memories for you.


And here’s a few reasons why I might be the perfect choice for you

It’s certainly true that this relaxed style isn’t for everyone. There is nothing pretentious about this. No statement-making. No attention-seeking. It’s just simple, beautiful and natural. It’s about what is important in your heart, not about social media, ‘likes’ and keeping up with the Jones’s.

So if the idea of a relaxed, pressure-free photoshoot makes you feel comfortable then read on and let’s see if I meet your criteria!


1. you don’t like looking at, or feel shy in front of, the camera

If this is you then you’ll be thrilled to know that I very rarely ask families to look at the camera. This isn’t to say I won’t at all, I like to try and capture what I call the ‘grandparent’ shot which is an ever so slightly more traditional photo that (in my experience) grandparents are more likely to want to display. I may also just get you to flick your eyes to me as you’re interacting with your baby if I fell it will add depth to the image. But aside from those two situations, it won’t happen. I don’t want that connection with you (no offence!), I want to capture that connection between you and your family!


2. you have a more relaxed, natural lifestyle

Are you a little bit like me? A hybrid hippy? Into yoga, meditation and generally a more soulful way of living? If so then you may see that my way of photographing might work for you. All my sessions are based on your baby. It makes no difference if they want to feed, are awake or asleep, want to be held, are a bit unsettled…I mean it really doesn’t matter! The sessions are relaxed and laid back. There are no expectations. No requirement to ‘perform’. It’s all about you, your interactions as a family, and I’m simply there to gently guide you and capture these beautiful memories for you.


3. you like simplicity

As I mentioned above, my style is the absolute opposite if ‘fussy’. It’s a completely stripped back approach to photography. Without the distraction of colour, fuss, props and other paraphernalia each photo’s focus is on you and your baby. That’s it. For me that reflects who I am as a person, and maybe it does for you too in which case this might just be there right kind of session for you.

You can see more examples of my natural style on my website at www.beaubabyphotography.com


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