A little catch up

There’s been a couple of weeks break from the pregnancy blog, but it’s back this week! So heres a little insight into whats been going on these past few weeks:

My toddler has had a heavy cold which got worse before it got better; this meant him waking every 2 hours!! During my ‘losing the will to live’ web searches I’ve also found out there is a 2 year sleep regression which he may be going through early; I thought these regressions finished months ago. I’m not sure if it would have changed my decision to get pregnant again knowing that I was about to give up so much of my sleep but I’ve definitely had a few moments of feeling extremely fed up over the last week. The dreaded hay-fever has also begun bringing a constant sore throat and headache which are all worse when there’s not a lot you can take for them. However, the recent sunshine has definitely made me feel more positive during the day and we’ve been able to make use of the garden which I feel is much better parenting than back to back episodes of Peppa Pig, which I have guiltily sercummed to recently!

beautful warm sun over field

A little bit of sunshine makes everything seem better!

Hmmm….now what?

I’m still at the lull between the first scan and feeling movement which is always a strange time but apparently as it’s my second pregnancy I could start to feel kicks any time soon. As my first labour turned into a bit of a horrific experience (are they ever not!?) and ended with an emergency cesarean I am being consultant led this time. I’m not 100% sure about what this entails but I have more hospital appointments, the first one being tomorrow. From what I’ve read I think they will talk through my birth plan and if necessary I’ll be given a scan, I’m hoping I will get a scan as it’s always nice to see your baby as often as possible.

The Consultant

So,  I had my Consultant appointment at the hospital. The midwife talked through what happened last time, I’d never really known what went wrong as I’d felt quite emotional about it all for a while and tried to block it out. I’d then always intended on going to the ‘Birth Reflections’ service at the hospital but time seems to run away with itself when you have a baby!!! She explained that the labour didn’t progress and my baby was in distress which is why they rushed me to theatre. We discussed that I’d really like a V-BAC this time but knowing how births never really go to plan I said I’m happy to keep my options open! I was then signed off from the consultant until 40 weeks which I hadn’t been expecting. Putting that date in the diary made everything feel a lot more ‘real’ and I definitely felt happier about the upcoming birth after this appointment.

Growing a little life inside you is amazing – putting the Due Date in the diary brings that little bit of fear though!

A bit of me time!

Last weekend I travelled up to Yorkshire with a few of my old school friends for a hen do! Even though I’d help arrange the event, I’d started to feel a tiny bit worried about the whole thing in the weeks leading up to it. How on earth was I going to stay up past 10pm two nights in a row and sleep in a ‘treehouse’ with people who had been consuming copious amounts of alcohol all day!!? However, I had an amazing time! I wasn’t the first to bed either night and seeing the hangovers the next morning I was quite glad I hadn’t been drinking.  I think during your second pregnancy you just appreciate the time away spent with friends, there were certain points where I really really wished I could have had a glass of wine through!

Just one little glass would have been nice….

The blog will run every 2 weeks for now…life is so hectic with a toddler and being pregnant!
Catch you on the next installment!!
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