Pregnant on Holiday…..with a toddler!!

So I was pregnant on holiday!

We spent last week in Majorca with my side of the family. We booked a lovely 4 star all inclusive, and had been looking forward to it for ages. The week started off well, my son and his cousin who turned 1 in March loved the water parks and slides and we all ate lots of ice cream and your usual rubbish buffet food. I can’t say it was the most relaxing holiday I’d ever been on as had to keep my eyes on him at all times and couldn’t wind down with a strong drunk in the evenings but was great to have all the family together.  The second night at 11pm, sickness began! My son was vomiting all night and into the next day but when he wasn’t being sick he was fine and full of his usual energy so we put it down to too much sun and sugar. The following night he was sick twice again and by the morning had lost all energy just wanting to sleep, I also noticed he wasn’t having any wet nappies so started to worry so we took him to the medical centre who sent us straight to A&E for him to be put on a drip as he was so dehydrated. This is where we spent the next 24 hours. During this time my husband began being sick, at which point as hard as I tried to be sympathetic, I felt rage that he wasnt able to be any help. I had a very clingy toddler stuck to me stopping me from even peeing and my husband was sleeping in the bed next to us!  Then my sickness began and were all diagnosed with gastroenteritis.  As a precaution due to me being pregnant I was put on a drip too. I felt really fed up that we had lost 2 days of our holiday but was just glad we were all getting better. When we were finally discharged we decided to really enjoy the last few days of the holiday, in between forcing our toddler to drink water every few minutes!

Worst nightmare….

The day before we were due to fly home, a few of us took my son and his cousin for an ice cream at the poolside snack bar, Isaac then decided to walk up and down the bench he was supposed to be sitting on. As I turned my attention for a second he slipped, fell to the floor and hit his head. I picked him up and embraced his screams feeling like an awful mother for allowing him to be so adventurous when all of a sudden his crying stopped and he lost consciousness. This has got to be  the scariest moment in my life so far and I’m still having flashbacks to it now but he came back to in about 10 seconds and we were sent straight back to the hospital. They checked him over and as he was totally fine, thank goodness we were discharged after 3 hours of observations. Moments like this make you realise how helpless you are as a parent and how vulnerable you can be in another country, the staff around the pool when he lost consciousness were uselesss and it was actually a teacher from England who rushed to help us and kept us calm. It has definitely made me question where we will take our children again as I will always make sure we are near a good hospital.  I was definitely happy to be home this weekend with the family all in one peice!

20 week scan! It’s a……

Today we had our scan. We’ve had a dilemma for the past month of whether to find out what we are having it not, we never did with our first and were never tempted but this time I’ve felt like I need to know. I was also feeling a bit nervous about the scan as I haven’t put a single pound on yet (even after a week of all inclusive buffet food!?) and I barely feel pregnant, it really has been so much different the second time round!  The sonographer confirmed the baby is healthy and no abnormalities showing as yet and also that we are expecting another boy!! Not minding what we had I feel more excited now I know, Isaac will love having a brother and will be lovely watching them grow together. I do feel that I would like a girl one day too though so maybe this won’t be the last pregnancy… Remind me of this in 6 months!!!

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