I started my hypnobirthing last week with a lady called Jane Sheeran. I’m booked in for three sessions as I decided to go privately rather than in a group. I didn’t think if be able to open up as much as I needed to in a room full of other couples and you also always get that one annoying person who talks too much in groups!! My first session went really well, Jane talked through the hypnobirthing history and process with me and we then practiced breathing techniques. She also put me into a state of deep relaxation (on the verge of hypnosis) which was quite strange as it felt as though I had fallen asleep. I’ve had to practice the breathing and relaxation daily which has been helping with life in general,  I’ve had 2 exams over the last couple of weeks and the added stress of preparing to move house! I’m now feeling really positive about the birth and looking forward to putting the hypnobirthing into practice. Now I just need to get my husband on board, I’ve already told him that if he doesn’t take it seriously he can stay at home!! During my last labour he chose the moment that I was vomiting and having very painful and intense contractions to disappear down to the canteen and reappear with a chicken sandwich which he sat and ate next to me… I still haven’t forgiven him!
I believe that relaxation during pregnancy is really important. During my last pregnancy I was a case study for a reflexologist and found that the treatment really balanced out my hormones and helped with lots of aches and pains. I ended up becoming good friends with Natalie who runs Sensitive Soles Therapies and she even used some bowen techniques on Isaac when he was tiny which always followed with a good night’s sleep!  Unfortunately, I can’t have reflexology as often this time round as I did last time as I’m now a paying customer but I look forward to it even more so as I appreciate the ‘me time’ and feel so relaxed afterwards.
Time is flying so quickly this pregnancy. Last time it felt like my due date would never arrive and now I would be quite happy for time to slow down a bit. My son will be two in a week which is just crazy, however as he’s growing up so much more each week I’m definitely feeling more ready for baby number 2 and less guilty as I really think he’s going to love having a little brother.
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