What is lifestyle family photography?

My bet is that if you’ve ever put a search into google that reads ‘family photographer Norfolk’ you’ll have come across many, many, MANY photographers who say they are a ‘lifestyle’ photographer.

And they probably are.

The thing is the definition of ‘lifestyle’ varies from photographer to photographer.

So for one person it may be that your family is placed within a setting and told to ‘just be you’, with little direction or engagement from the photographer. To me this is documentary photography, which in my opinion is best suited to a location you are super comfortable in – your home for example.

Or it may be that another photographer uses lots of different areas in one location, concentrating on getting many different family photos – sitting, standing, on a bench etc.

To me, lifestyle photography is a way of romanticising family life.

We all look at photos on Pinterest of these happy, joy filled families frolicking through fields or playing on a sunset soaked beach – you know the ones? Where Mum & Dad don’t look like having children has any impact whatsoever on their relationship and they look adoringly at each other? The ones where all the kiddies look so angelic?  And don’t we wish that our own families would frolic and play on the sand and generally look so…..happy?! And you think ‘Gah! I would just LOVE photos like that of our family, but there is just no way!’.

But actually, in my opinion that’s exactly the job of a lifestyle photographer. To take any ordinary family and create these beautiful, joy filled portraits. Now, when I say portrait lets just make one thing clear – I by no means think that family photos should be with everyone looking at the camera. In fact I think the exact opposite!

I believe that family lifestyle photography is a great hybrid. It is posed and directed, but what it capture isn’t stiff and awkward images where everyone is looking (often grumpily!) at the camera, but instead it captures real emotion, real connection and THAT is down to the skill of your photographer.

So if you are still on your search for a family photographer in Norfolk and you fancy trying something just a little bit different then simply pop your details over to me at www.beaubabyphotography.com/contact-me and let me tell you more!


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