Why you, Mumma, need to be in the pictures!

We are living in an age where our photos are everywhere. Our picture is put out into the world for everyone to see. And never more so than when we have babies. It has become a social expectation to share not only photos of your baby, but of your own post-partum self too.

But, why are we taking these photos? Really?

Who are they for?

For likes? Because the person you worked with 5 years ago wants to see your gleaming smile alongside your tiny baby?

Are we taking them to prove a point? To show the world that we’ve got this? To prove our worth?

Or are we really taking them as memories?

Memories that we can call upon as the years pass. That we can revisit on days where we need to feel happy.

We are taking them for ourselves. Or so we should be.

But we are also taking them for our children.

Now, I know.

Nothings perfect. In fact, it’s all a bit messy.


When your baby looks at you, are they looking at whether your hair is neat? Are they looking to see if your make up is fresh? As they grow older, are they going to look at photos of you and say ‘well, mum could’ve made a bit more effort’?

Have you ever looked at a photo from your childhood and thought ‘I wish mum had put her make up on’? Or do you look at every photo with your mother in and feel beautiful warmth when you see photos of you and her together?

Maybe your own mum has passed and you have all these beautiful photos that tell the story of your childhood, of the love she had for you? But I can be fairly sure that no matter how many photos you have with her them, you wish you had more.

And that is why YOU, Mumma, need to be in the pictures. This is the story of your baby’s early years. This is the story that shows them how much they were loved, how you held them, where you put your hand when you pulled them in close. Its these photos, with you in, that will trigger their happy memories of you as they grow older.

When I photograph families, in particular mothers, I always encourage mums to hold their babies like they do at home. Because that is special. That’s your bond, your connection.

My point being, get in the photos. Every time.

Take them for your children. Take them authentically – with a messy house, a mum bun and yesterdays make up.

Be in the photos for your children. So they know who mums was. So they can see who mum was. So they can see the playful mum, the cuddly mum, the beautiful-just-as-she-is mum.

Your children won’t want insta-perfect, posed photos. They will want real photos, that show how you really felt.

So go take them. And get in them.


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