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Welcome to Beau Baby. If you’re here on this page I imagine you’re searching for a baby photoshoot in Norwich?

The information below is perfect for babies aged from around 12 weeks to walking. If your baby is younger than this, please take a look at my Newborn page.

My name is Rachael and I’m an award winning norwich photographer. My focus is on creating really beautiful, natural photographs that capture the authentic connection between you and your baby. My timeless white style is designed to make sure that your photos are all about capturing the natural beauty of your baby.

They won’t remember the way you danced at night, their heads upon your chest, rocking back and forth.

They won’t remember you scooping them up and carrying on. Doing everything with your one spare arm.

How much time has passed in a whirlwind of sleeplessness and chaos? Can you believe how much your tiny baby has grown?

When did the fuzzy shoulders and baggy knees get filled out into all this baby squidge? How are they smiling and giggling it feels like only yesterday you brought them home?

You want to remember this time forever. Book your baby photosoot today.


why natural baby photos….?

Baby photography is often overshadowed by the newborn phase, but I utterly love photographing older babies.

The way they play with their feet and hands as if they’ve just discovered that they are there and how toddlers are getting to grips with walking and are so interested in everything!

I have photographed hundreds of babies. Some love to smile and laugh whereas others have a much more thoughtful personality. Both are wonderful. The beauty of these images is that they capture your baby’s personality as they are. There is absolutely no expectation for your baby to ‘perform’ and give a never ending stream if smiles. We want them to relax and enjoy themselves as much as you.

close up black and white image of baby during baby photoshoot norwich

the simple baby photoshoot norwich

When you think of a baby photoshoot, do you think of outfit changes, bright lights, props and, frankly, stress?

None of things really work with a baby.

Lets be honest, have you ever met a baby who likes getting changed?

That’s why I do things a bit more….simply.

You want memories of your baby, not of the latest prop or an oversized headband.

Think a crisp white room, with light flowing through curtains…a little lie a bright summers day.

These photoshoots aren’t about what your baby is wearing, they are about capturing all the beautifully natural details of your baby. Exactly as they are.

mum holding baby close during baby photoshoot norwich

price – £300

Your session deposit of £75 is due when we book your session.

After your session, the balance of £225 will be invoiced.

Every session includes all of your edited images (in both colour and black & white) which are delivered via a super simple online download. You’ll also receive a £50 print credit with no minimum spend & a beautiful keepsake video from your session!

“Thank you, Rachael, for yet again an amazing photoshoot. You’ve done an amazing job capturing beautiful pictures under new distancing measures (& my baby refusing to stand still!). I’m over the moon and like her newborn shoot now in a predicament of which ones to put on the wall. I’m not feeling confident to have my picture taken but the ones I did have done have given me confidence again as they are so beautiful and gorgeous memories for me and Annie”

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