studio lifestyle newborn session

As you may know, the government gave the go-ahead for photography studios to reopen on June 15th 2020.

There are, as you would expect, a fair number of restrictions that we need to work around, controls that we need to put in place and additional precautions that must be adhered to.

After all of the additional entry, exit and PPE measures were thought about, my next question was ‘how am I going to photograph these babies who were born during lockdown’? Normally newborn sessions are really very hands-on, close contact type of sessions. And right now I just can’t justify that in a risk assessment.

So that’s where the studio lifestyle newborn session comes into its own.

A session where I can keep my distance, where I don’t need to be too hands on (if at all!).

A session whereby I can direct you into different, relaxed poses and from there I capture the emotion & connection…you’ll have seen me go on about this a lot before – it’s the basis of everything I do.

What does a studio lifestyle newborn session look like?

This is where I get excited.

It’s natural.

It’s calm.

It’s real.

It’s beautiful.

It’s worth pointing out here that it is absolutely pointless to try and create a posed newborn type session in a lifestyle way. My traditionally posed newborn sessions were smooth, clean & flawless; these studio lifestyle sessions are equally as beautiful but in a very different way. I won’t be overly smoothing blankets, or uncurling fingers, or trying to get a baby to sleep.

These sessions are artistic in a gritty sort of way…it’s about composition and angles, details and features. It’s about showing the absolute beauty of what already exists, instead of making something perfect.